Northern Virginia Wedding Reception band member with wedding brides.
Fringe Guitar Synth Player Bruce With Brides


We’ll Get your Wedding Reception Guests Dancing

We’ll design a song list that suits your schedule of events so that we draw folks out on the floor and hold them there. We know your schedule of events may change at the last minute and we are happy to accommodate.

We create a flow of songs appropriate for the moment. We insert slow dance songs at appropriate times- then draw folks back for fun fast dance. We are great at moving from song to song, building excitement and momentum. All this while acknowledging and interacting with guests. Check out our videos on this website and come out to one of our public shows.

Our N. Virginia Wedding Music Band Makes Memories

Your guest will enjoy dancing and being entertained by the musicianship and strong stage presence of our northern Virginia wedding reception band. Our repretoire appeals to a wide range of ages, but it’s the stage presence and delivery of those songs that makes a Fringe Benefits show special. Interacting with your guests and even providing MC services if needed.

  • Talented musicians featuring 4 vocalists.
  • Great song list the whole family will enjoy.
  • Will learn 1 – 3 requested songs just for you.
  • Experienced, reliable. Members of The Prince William Chamber of Commerce.


Bouquet Toss Video- while singing Respect and showing the wedding party dance moves!

Respect/Bouquet Toss

Wedding Performance- Julianna gives the ladies dance moves. Includes Uptown Funk and clips of many great dance songs. We created a “moment” singing “All of Me” to a couple whose tenderness will touch your heart.

Wedding Reception Song clips

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